Frequently Asked Questions

Hey XO Baes - Here are some FAQs to help you with all the infomation you need before purchasing at myxohair.com, if you have any other questions, please drop us a line at hello@myxohair.com

The moment your order is placed, it goes to our XO Hair factory in China and is processed immediately. Once our factory is done with your wig/hair bundles/closure etc. It is then shipped to our XO Hair base in the UK for inspection. Once it is inspected and *amazingly* packed by the XO Hair UK Team - if all is good, then this is when you will receive your tracking details. This process typically takes 9-14 days (max.) All hair is sent to you for Next Day shipping (if you’re UK based) making Standard shipping from the UK (if you’re a internationally based customer)

Once your order is placed, we automatically start processing this in our factory in China. Don’t worry! - we have your order and it will arrive 2 weeks after your order was placed. You will receive tracking details once your hair is in the UK and ready for NEXT DAY* delivery (we send all orders next day!). Tracking details will be emailed to 1-2 days before your hair is due for delivery, remember all orders take 2 weeks max. so you won’t get tracking details until the 12/13th day x

No - the nature of our business is Made-to-Order. Only hair titled “Ready To Ship: XO…” is available for next day* shipping but this section clears out very quickly, so keep your eyes peeled for any new stock! For example, a wig titled “Ready To Ship: XO Bob Wig - 6x6 Closure” is available for shipping in 1-2 days* using the Royal Mail Tracked24 service. To shop Ready To Ship hair, please see the “READY TO SHIP - Order by 2pm for Next Day Delivery” section on the site.

Orders placed in the UK take 10 WORKING DAYS/ 2 WEEKS for delivery - Monday to Friday (in some instances this can take longer, max. 2 and a half weeks due to strikes and big holidays such as, Black Friday & Christmas; so please bare this on mind BEFORE ordering). The moment we see your order, we start processing it and give you tracking details the DAY BEFORE your order arrives so please expect tracking information by the 8/9th day or the day before your order date is at 2 weeks. If you ordered ‘READY TO SHIP HAIR’ your order will arrive in 24-48 hours & you will get tracking details the day of OR the day after your order was placed - this service is Monday to Friday only! If you didn’t order from the READY TO SHIP SECTION, you will receive tracking on or before 13th day after you ordered (your order WILL arrive 1-2 days from your tracking alert!). Once shipped with our couriers, delivery and delays are no longer our responsibility as uncontrolled delays may happen. In this case please contact Royal Mail with your tracking number, but this is very rare. Please allow the necessary time required to ensure that your hair gets to you on time for your appointment/ event! Xx UK: 10 working days / 2 weeks Europe: 15-20 working days / 3 weeks Rest of the World: 15-25 working days / 3-4 weeks * BLACK FRIDAY/CHRISTMAS ORDERS: Although all orders arrive on time (on or before the delivery date expected); Please note that all orders placed in busy periods may take a little longer than normal ( 2 1/2 weeks at max) so please do not expect tracking until the 14th day from the day after you ordered in these periods. Ready to ship hair will arrive within 1-3 days in these periods. Please leave PLENTY of time before you need the hair when you order. Thank you! X

Yes - We deliver our XO Hair all around the globe, international customers are welcome!

All hair is 100% Virgin, 10A human hair, in a natural 1B colour state (Dark Brown). Our Virgin hair can be classified as Remy Pure hair. It is kept in it’s natural, unprocessed state with cuticles intact. The Virgin hair is then processed only to get the desired texture required, therefore we call it Remy Pure hair. Unless any hair has been described as ‘RAW’ do not assume it hasn’t been unprocessed or manipulated in anyway for texture or colour. Hair grades are given by suppliers ONLY to categorise the quality of the Virgin hair received. Human hair cannot be put into one category because not all human hair is good (some not so good donors have heat damage, colour damage etc.). This is so the customer is able to gage their expected hair quality, especially if they’re buying online. They receive right quality for the price they’ve paid. Hair grades run from 3A to 12A, if the Virgin hair is grade 12A - then they are stating it is 100% raw, unprocessed and from ONE DONOR which comes with a big price. XO Hair is 10A Virgin Hair and can come from MULTIPLE human hair donors with cuticles in one direction & intact when sewn to minimise shedding; it is then slightly processed for texture and this is how we remain affordable without compromising on quality. At XO Hair you get the best quality hair for the most affordable price in the UK market!

Hair comes readymade (frontal & bundles sewn into a wig) but NOT PRE-CUSTOMISED. All wig orders will require normal customisation such as; bleaching knots, plucking, tinting to skin tone and desired taste to ensure a seamless blend xo.

All lace is thin transparent French lace. We do not have HD lace options for sale just yet but our thin French lace is just as good and a lot more durable! (less prone to tearing) xo

All hair naturally sheds as it’s weft sewn and doesn’t come from the scalp where it grows back ESPECIALLY after bleaching/using hair dye; HOWEVER - from research we’ve found that the shedding of our hair is very minimal/minor. To minimise the amount of shedding your hair experience please use a wide tooth comb when washing, condition your hair often, be gentle with using hair dye and use heat protectant when styling! Protect your hair, treat it with care and it’ll treat you well! (check out ‘Hair Care 101’ in Hair Tips & Tricks) xo.

Yes - of course! All human hair, whether REMY/VIRGIN or RAW can be dyed and lifts. XO hair is 100% Virgin, Remy pure hair and CAN be dyed and bleached; BUT to tones that don’t require heavy bleaching, for example: black, burgundy, dark blue etc. with dye or with bleach, blondey-brown for highlights/birthmarks and up to colour #27 all around. If you want to bleach hair past #27 or to 613, please buy 613 hair via. custom order by emailing us at: hello@myxohair.com. Please consider that this is 1B (dark brown) hair - if you choose to fully bleach the hair past #27, do this at your own risk and do not expect the quality to remain the same. All hair looses some quality once chemically processed; but using the right quality products & a professional colourist - quality can definitely be maintained. We advise that you strand test the hair before fully applying bleach to observe the lift. If you’re looking to bleach the hair several times to achieve bright blonde and then dye for example, pink - to retain quality we personally wouldn’t recommend XO Hair and instead suggest you purchasing 613 hair. XO Hair is amazing hair, but please do take into account we provide the BEST QUALITY for THE PRICE PAID; all hair can be damaged when it comes to the amount of bleaching you use, but a professional colourist will know how to lift hair safely. Therefore, we urge you to seek professional advice with your chosen colourist so they can advise you on the hair you need before you colour/purchase your XO hair. We are NOT liable to refund damaged, bleached or tampered hair. Feel free to email us at, hello@myxohair.com before you shop if you want extra help and are not sure xo.

All hair bundles and wigs (if well looked after) can last up to a year or more. However, the lifespan of your wig/bundles is dependant on: wear, care and storage. If looked after well, you'll be getting compliments all over like you just purchased it! Readymade wigs are an affordable alternative and very convenient. They save you time and that extra £100+ that you spend after buying bundles and lace, just to get a wig made. Just like everything in life, WIGS HAVE AN EXPIRY DATE TOO, they don't last forever but the lifespan is dependent on how you care for it xo.

A readymade wig is factory made (frontal & bundles sewn into a wig) and single weft sewn, so your wig may look and feel lighter than a handmade wig if you've never had a readymade wig before xo.

The thickness of hair is dependent on the density. The density of our readymade wigs are PERFECT for every occassion! Our wigs are 200% density which is equivalent to 2.5 to 3 bundles of hair. If you want thicker hair, we suggest buying our top quality bundles and lace to double the weft whilst sewing for a thicker look! xo

We don't have XO hair frontal options available online because since Covid-19, the price of frontal lace alone has surged to the price of a wig. It's more value for your money to purchase an XO wig where all you need for a wig is done under one price. If you do need a frontal, drop us a line at hello@myxohair.com

On your wedding day theres lots and lots of pins involved (trust me, we know aha). >If you're doing a bridal bun hairstyle, a readymade wig is not for you. As it's not easy to get pind into factory made wig caps. Please order XO bundles and an XO frontal, then get this handmade with your chosen wig stylist instead. That way you can choose a thinner cap for your wig to style. >Hollywood waves - for a full thick look, order 3 to 4 XO Bodywave bundles and a XO frontal. Alternatively, you can order a custom XO bodywave wig in 250-300% (equivalent to 3 to 3 1/2 bundles) via email at hello@myxohair.com

XO Hair is 100% Virgin, 10A grade hair. We inspect all wigs before sending them out to our customers to ensure that quality remains the same and consistent. What we advertise is exactly what you get, all wigs shown are our hair - if faulty we’d always see this first and never send out a faulty wig. Once hair is confirmed as received and fine by the customer, we no longer take liability for what happens to the hair once passed to a hairdresser, friend, customised or dyed. Please read our ‘can wigs be dyed?’ FAQ to ensure you have the right hair for the look you want to achieve xo.

Unfortunately we can't cancel your order because our processing time is super fast! However, the moment you realise you may have made a mistake please email us as at hello@myxohair.com soon as possible so we can see what we can do. This should be done on the same day as the order placed, after this we may not be able to help. So please be 100% sure before placing orders! xo

We inspect ALL of our hair before shipping. This is so that we ensure your hair is in tip top condition not faulty. Unfortunately, we do NOT REFUND on wigs for hygiene and logistic reasons. When you receive your order, please inspect your hair prior to customisation to make sure everything is as expected. Please ensure that the order is correct before checking out as we CANNOT cancel/refund orders, due to our factory team starting production the moment orders are made. Return & Refund Policy: If found faulty, hair must be returned in the exact same condition it was received in. Once customised, worn, given to a hairdresser, dyed, bleached or tampered with - we are no longer liable to handle any faulty hair claims.

We aim to get back to all requests within 24 hours, but please allow 1-2 business days for the response xo.

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